Winding River Services is a support planning and waiver consulting firm supporting individuals with CDCS and CSG funding across Minnesota, specializing in Anoka County and the major metro Twin Cities area.

As a Certified Support Planner, I work with individuals and their families or support teams to create meaningful and personalized plans that focus on what is uniquely important to them. My process is personal, integrative, and comprehensive. I strive to take the stress out of the plan writing process so my clients can focus on the good things in life. I build long-term relationships with my clients and excel at creative problem solving.

I will work with you to develop a community support plan that best meets your personal needs and goals. Your Community Support Plan may include a mix of paid and non-paid services and both formal and informal supports that address your needs and are covered within your consumer-directed community supports (CDCS) budget.

Working Together:

When you choose Winding River Services to help you develop your community support plan, you benefit from my years of professional expertise and personal experience. I use a customized Person-Centered Planning process to assist and support individuals toward empowerment. This type of planning allows me to guide you to identify your needs, goals, and hopes for the future and then create a map of action steps toward those desired outcomes.

I will meet you in person to complete the plan. The meeting can take place wherever you are most comfortable, usually in your home. After the plan is developed, I work with you on a regular basis throughout the year to assess how the plan is working for you and to make adjustments as needed.

Please contact Elisabeth via email, text or phone at (763) 486-9916 to discuss working together.

“Thank you for all your hard work! We could not have done N’s plan without you!”

-Parent of DD waiver recipient

“I can tell you care so much about your clients. We are so lucky to have you on W’s team!”

– Mother of CADI waiver participant